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Which Company is the Most Socially Responsible and Generous to Nonprofits: Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? LinkedIn? MySpace? Flickr? Google?

May 24, 2010

[tweetmeme] Nonprofits and their adoption of social media has created an interesting, albeit interdependent relationship with large companies like Google, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. Nonprofits use the sites to build their online brand and supporter base, and the companies in turn then benefit from having tens of thousands respectable, well-known nonprofits promoting their sites and tools to millions of supporters (a.k.a. potential consumers). For the companies themselves, this relationship also presents their marketing departments with numerous opportunities to embrace cause marketing and corporate social responsibility.

That said, I did a little research into some of the most popular social networking sites/companies used by nonprofits to see what kind of philanthropic and socially responsible programs the companies offered to nonprofits. I was very glad to see that every company listed below is doing some good for nonprofits and social causes:

1) Facebook

Facebook helped launch the company Causes to help nonprofits fundraise on Facebook. They also launched two Facebook Pages to help promote nonprofits and social causes: Facebook for Good and Non-Profits on Facebook. They also offer a tech-centric Facebook Fellowship Program for Ph.D. students.

2) Google/YouTube

Google donated $1,000,000 to Haiti. They also offer free advertising to nonprofits through their Google Grants Program. They also have an extensive list of free or low-cost services for nonprofits and universities through their “Technology-Driven Philanthropy” campaigns. A complete list of the services can be found at

As the owners of YouTube, the company also offers a YouTube Nonprofit Program, and launched the YouTube channels Agent Change and Video Volunteers.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched LinkedIn for Good, but they only partnered with 10 organizations and are not accepting new partners. The program appears to be on hold.

4) MySpace

MySpace launched MySpace Impact Awards. Each month MySpace users voted for their favorite nonprofit. The winner won $10,000.  They also created an Impact Channel. MySpace has unfortunately abandoned both programs. Very few nonprofits utilize MySpace anymore.

5) Twitter

Twitter launched to help raise funds for Haiti and to end malaria. They also offer a Tweet for Good program where nonprofits can request free advertising through their Promoted Tweets program. Twitter also has a Charity Suggested User List.

6) Yahoo!/Flickr

Yahoo! supports nonprofits in many ways through their Yahoo! for Good program. Owned by Yahoo!, Flickr partnered with TechSoup in 2008 to launch Flickr for Good. The company has committed to giving away 10,000 free Flickr Pro accounts to nonprofits for one year (valued at $25 each).

1) Which company is the most generous?
2) And which company should be doing more?

Know of any other corporate social responsibility and philanthropic efforts by the companies listed above? If so, please list them below. THANKS.

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  1. May 25, 2010 7:54 am

    Just a note: Google Checkout accepts donations for non-profits (they also power the YouTube donations on non-profit channels) and processes all donations FOR FREE (at least until 2011). I can’t get a Google Grant as I am fiscally sponsored in the US, but, they do allow me to take advantage of this big perk.

    And by the way, Twitter is my fave!

  2. May 25, 2010 1:47 pm is an online social media company that allows 50% of online revenue to be donated to nonprofits. The everyday online shopper makes purchases for themselves and and a percentage automatically goes to a select charity. This goodwill is the most effortless philanthropy. Spread the word at!

  3. June 15, 2010 4:29 am

    google is the most useful for nonprofits, then facebook, and the rest are tied for a distant third. i think generous has a bad connotation. these companies and their shareholders do not owe a single dime to nonprofits who are standing outside their doors with hat in hand. however google checkout, youtube, google docs etc. are cost cutters and REVENUE drivers. If used properly, they could prove to be invaluable for nonprofits. Facebook has Causes and it can be a nice free email service. Don’t expect any money from Causes, though. The “Friends” of your cause are not really your friends. If they were, you wouldn’t keep asking them for money.

  4. kayleya permalink
    June 29, 2010 2:20 am

    Does anyone have any idea how to get your charity included in the charity suggested user list? Would be handy.


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