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Support [Your Organization] on Valley Gives Day on December 12, 2013

September 30, 2013

Name of Organization is one of the hundreds of nonprofits participating in the second annual
Valley Gives day, scheduled for December 12, 2013. Hosted by the Community Foundation of Western
Massachusetts in partnership with the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, the Jewish
Endowment Foundation, the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts, the Pioneer Valley
United Way, the The Davis Foundation, the United Way of Franklin County, the United Way of
Hampshire County, and The Beveridge Foundation, Valley Gives is an innovative online
fundraising event that encourages individuals to donate as much money as possible in support of their
favorite charities in just twenty-four hours.
“Name of Organization makes a difference every day through [insert mission here],” said Your Name,
Position of Name of Organization. “We are excited to partner with other nonprofits across [region] to see
how much we can raise to serve our communities.”
Beginning at midnight EST on December 12 and continuing until 11:59pm EST, residents of western
Massachusetts will go online to, connect with causes like Name of Organization
and make tax-deductible donations to support the important work of our region’s charities. All online
donations for Name of Organization made on during Valley Gives day will go
directly to support your organization’s mission. (If you have secured a matching grant, please include the
information here).
[Personalized quotes], for example: “Valley Gives day has proven to be a successful model for inspiring
philanthropy in our region” said Kristin Leutz, VP of Philanthropic Services at the Community Foundation
of Western Massachusetts. “We are thrilled to be able to host an event that showcases the collective
power of philan

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