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Heather Mansfield presents webinars on how nonprofits can successfully use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+ and mobile communications. Her webinars focus on practical how-t0 advice and demonstrate in real time, click-by-click the best practices that Heather has learned from spending more than 20,000 hours on social media sites over the last eight years.

As a firm believer in putting your money where your mouse is, Heather also donates 10% of the gross proceeds from her webinars to her favorite nonprofits. To learn more about Heather’s webinars, including upcoming dates, topics, and registration information, please see the current Webinar Schedule.

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  1. nonprofitorgs permalink
    November 24, 2009 6:21 am

    I recently did a webinar for GuideStar about how nonprofits can successfully utilize YouTube. After the webinar GuideStar asked the attendees “Do you have any comments or feedback regarding today’s webinar?” Below are the answers – 100% uncensored!

    1. The presenter was exceptionally well informed and passionate. Outstanding presentation!
    2. Thought it was great. This is going to be very helpful to us. Who new there was so much FREE or low priced stuff available for nonprofits,
    very good. A lot of info covered in a short period of time.
    3. It was great! Very clear and helpful.
    4. Loved it!
    5. The volume seemed really low.
    6. Great webinar
    7. Great job!
    8. Very pleased and all smiles!!! Thank you Guide Star for offering this!
    9. Thanks — absolutely terrific. The most valuable hour of my week!
    10. Thank you for providing this service to the nonprofit sector.
    11. Heather was great!
    12. Very good
    13. I disagree about using interns and college students and the generalization that they will work hard. Our experience has proven otherwise, its been a nightmare to say the least.
    14. This was the BEST webinar I’ve ever viewed. Thank you for choosing a timely topic and an excellent speaker.
    15. Today’s webinar was both informative and motivational. Thanks, GuideStar!
    16. My first webinar. Very well done. Thanks.
    18. Very helpful. Thank you!
    19. It was very good
    20. Really enjoyed this. Lots of good information. Thank you.
    21. Excellent program!
    22. Every organization should hear this presentation.
    23. An excellent presentation. Lots of good information and she was thinking about the future.
    24. Very insightful
    25. I enjoyed the information very much.
    26. EXCELLENT!!!
    27. Heather did a fantastic job of explaining things and avoided the jargon of techies. Very down to earth, usable information/applications. Highly pleased with this webinar. Will do this again!
    28. Excellent! Thank you for providing this event!
    29. Many of us in the nonprofit world are older and not up on technology.
    30. I’ve never texted. Too much texting seems frivolous and indulgent.
    31. Sound went in and out at times. Didn’t catch last question, just answer.
    32. Good presentation – however, the sound faded in and out during the q&a. Excellent information. Exactly what I was looking for to expand our Foundation’s reach into the community and hopefully help us to develop a skill set that we can use to help other nonprofits.
    33. Pretty informative
    34. It moved a little too quickly for my expertise.

    From GuideStar:

    You did an outstanding job — clear, concise, easy for non-techies to understand! I would be honored if you would agree to another webinar in 2010 on Web 3.0. I think that there is a good synergy between your work and GuideStar.

  2. tom permalink
    June 3, 2010 6:56 am

    It was an excellent presentation. Is it being archived? I would like to see it again and bring in a few of my collegues that couldnt make it. Thanks!

  3. nonprofitorgs permalink
    June 12, 2010 5:14 am

    I recently gave another webinar for GuideStar – this time on mobile technology. At the end of the webinar, attendees were asked: What was the most valuable piece of information you took away from today’s webinar? Here are their 100% absolutely uncensored answers:

    1. You have to get in at the beginning of some of these vendors and test out different vendors to see what will work for you and your organization. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get your word out.
    2. What all the differences among things were and which of those to do first.
    3. We’re not ready for text-to-give
    4. Websites and other places to get information
    5. Websites and best practices…. several things
    6. Website addresses that were suggested.
    7. Web page conversion to mobile
    8. We were recently talking about mobile apps, so this was very informative. The texting info was great too.
    9. We need to incorporate RSS into our site asap so that we can use the inexpensive mobile site creator Ms Mansfield suggested.
    10. We need to have a mobile website set up. This is a great way to engage new individuals who would be interested, but haven’t yet heard of our organization.
    11. We need to create a mobile Website.
    12. We need to be looking for new ways to engage people
    13. We need to be looking for new ways to engage people
    14. We need a mobile website!
    15. We need a mobile website
    16. We first need to get our Newsletter in an email format, and we need to get a website!
    17. Very clear and pointed information
    18. Vendor prices will likely come down on the services that you need to start a text campaign
    19. Using wordpress blogs for mobile marketing
    20. Understanding the uses of mobile technology.
    21. To have a mobile website in place before launching a text to give campaign. I didn’t get a chance to say so in the event, but Heather should check out xipwire as a text-to-give option. They are are giving nonprofits the service for free for 1 year!
    22. To create a mobile website in addition to the regular website.
    23. To become invloved in social media.
    24. Timeliness of early adoption of keywords.
    35. There are many pieces to the puzzle. You need to define a starting point.
    36. There are few proven best practices with mobile technology.
    37. The various websites that can help get us started
    38. The various options available and price of those services.
    39. The value of first adoption in new technology.
    40. The suggestions for launching a mobile campaign on a budget
    41. The stats and how to start a mobile giving campaign
    42. The statistics associated with “”.
    43. The statistics and the challenge to think about things differently
    44. The resources that I could check into further.
    45. The resources and links provided.
    46. The recommendations – both for best practices and companies we can investigate for mobile campaigns.
    47. “The realization that if you went with an app for your Non for proit, you would have to do three of them.
    48. Also not to narrow yourself and be patient”
    49. The process of setting up a mobile campaign, as well as the various websites to utilize.
    50. The order of things to accomplish to launch a mobile marketing campaign.
    51. The order of Mobile Marketing.
    52. The need to think about how mobile devise users are viewing our communications (i.e. links to our website).
    53. The need to have a mobile site.
    54. The need for a mobile website, as well as not being in a hurry to text-to-give
    55. The need for a mobile website and a mobile presence.
    56. The most valuable info given to me was the information about the websites to help in advancing to mobile technology.
    57. The links to additional information, the practical advice, best practices.
    58. The information regardin Text to Give and the mobile websites
    59. The information on the .mobi site – something we are considering.
    60. The information on Text campaigns and Mobisite Galore.
    61. The information about the Web sites that can be used for text message campaigns.
    62. The information about how to make mass texting easier and more useful
    63. The importance of having a mobile website or webpage for donating to a nonprofit using smartphone. Also it was a good tutorial on how to set up mobile website and tips on what company(ies) to use.
    64. The importance of creating a mobile website
    65. The idea of building a mobile website had not even occurred to me.
    66. The history and outlook of this type of giving.
    67. The entire seminar was valuable.
    68. The cost effective resources that are available to nonprofits, big and small.
    69. That we should be focusing on creating a blog and a mobile site next.
    70. That we need to get a mobile website, pronto
    71. That there are options for nonprofits on a budget
    72. That the benefit of early adopting must be weighed against the cost.
    73. That once we get a blog going, we can create a mobile website with little financial investment.
    74. That many people access the web using their mobiles, so getting into this territory is important.
    75. That I have no clue what I’m doing. Oh, wait, I already knew that. Ha.
    76. That I can turn my blog into our mobile site.
    77. Texting informtion and resource information
    78. Text to Give info
    79. Text to give
    80. Suggestions for different size not profits and when to implement the technology
    81. Stats, resources and her recommendations!
    82. Statistics on mobile usage.
    83. Statistics and resources presented.
    84. Starting a mobile website before pursuing other avenues.
    85. Start gathering phone numbers for future mobile campaigns.
    86. Start creating a mobile list
    87. Some tools for small npos
    88. Setting up a mobile site.
    89. Setting up a mobi site
    90. Service providers names and contact information.
    91. Resources and advice on expanding online/mobile presence
    92. Realizing how behind the times we are.
    93. Rapidly changing social media landscape
    95. Places to gather more information.
    96. Phenomenal presentation. The consideration of trends to watch before investing is very valuable.
    97. Overall understand of what mobile marketing is and potential strategies.
    98. Our organization should add a mobile web site and how we should do that.
    99. Our ability to promote our non-profit through mobile web
    100. One of the most useful info was about converting our web into mobile website.
    not to rush into text to give and to push harder for a mobile website
    101. Not sure
    102. Next generation of mobile donation
    103. New names, etc.
    104. New and exciting avenue for advocacy, education, and fundraising.
    needing to know the difference between having a desktop facebook/twitter profile vs. mobile profies so cell phones & smart phones can access our websites/profiles online & on-the-go
    106. and how to use an RSS feed to create a mobile website
    107. Mobile websites
    108. Mobile website information
    109. Mobile website info
    110. Mobile website and beginning a Mobile List
    111. Mobile website
    112. Mobile website
    113. Mobile Website
    114. Mobile web and text alerts before text to give.
    115. Mobile text giving should be preceded by other foundation actions.
    116. Mobile site design
    117. Mobile info and trends, tool, sites.
    118. Many different tools and stats. Saves me much research in preparing and presenting a plan. Also much of this is much easier than I suspected.
    119. Lots of contacts, vendors, and an idea of what’s possible on a nonprofit budget
    120. Links to site
    121. Links provided to free resources
    122. Linking to the Mobile version of our Facebook page
    123. Learning what steps should be first. mobile website, newsletters for mobile phones. 124. Building a base of interested supporters prior to starting a donate now button or a buying a text to give contract
    125. Learning about mobile websites.
    126. Knowing trends and what to do with mobile technology
    127. Keys to launching a text-to-give campaign. MUST have an appropriately designed and 128. Managed mobile website that plays well on a small screen with active changes in content and supported by a text-alert campaign. Know user demographics.
    129. Interesting to see how many people use a mobile phone
    130. Information regarding the need for a mobile website
    131. Information on mobile websites
    132. Info on mobile websites
    133. Info on launching a text campaign.
    134. Info about mobile web sites–didn’t know there was such a thing!
    135. Inexpensive cost of setting up and maintaining mobile site. Was told by web company that it would be about $8,000.
    136. Importance of mobile website
    137. Importance of mobile web sites
    138. Importance of a website for adapted for mobiles
    139. Importance of a website for adapted for mobiles
    140. Importance of a mobile website.
    141. I was not sure how text giving campaigns work, and the technical knowledge now makes it seem like something we can implement. Before, it did not seem like a possibility.
    142. I never realized how valuable mobile technology really is! Best tidbit: We should think of newsletters as the same as Text Message for mobile websites.
    143. I need to become better versed in mobil marketing. Most of the terms, etc. were over my head so I spent much of the call wondering how you do what she was talking about.
    144. I just want to suggest using a different webinar tool or encouraging the presenters to slow down when changing screens. At many points what she was talking about did not sync up with what we were seeing. Otherwise, excellent webinar.
    145. I didn’t really understand mobile websites and text-to-give
    146. I could not get the audio to connect – apparently,my computer needs additional software.
    147. I am a complete novice. Heather’s presentation was amazing – it flowed so well together. I was excited to see the resources and very glad to see that it was targeted to nonprofits with minimal budgets!!
    148. I am a complete novice. Heather’s presentation was amazing – it flowed so well together. I was excited to see the resources and very glad to see that it was targeted to nonprofits with minimal budgets!!
    149. How to start using mobile media to raise money.
    150. How to start and then plan for the future.
    151. How to even get started on texting
    152. How to engage our supporters, by telling our story on social media sites.
    153. How to do fund-raising using mobile phones via texting.
    154. How to do a mobile webpage
    155. How to create a mobile website
    156. How to begin, with creating first a blog and then a phone # list
    157. How and why to set up mobile version of our website. Content ideas for text messaging.
    158. Have a separate mobile website
    159. Getting up to date on what’s happening with the new technology
    160. Getting an easy to view mobile website. Also getting a texting campaign linked from mobile websites.
    161. Get the mobile list first.
    162. Exploring the resources available.
    163. Everything, but the test to donate part since it is too expensive for us.
    164. Everything!
    165. Everything – I loved the detail and all the explaining
    166. Different websites and services to research
    167. Different ways you can reach donors.
    168. Different organizations/companies that provide text features
    169. Creating the mobi website and information on the various organizations out there providing services to the nonprofit world.
    170. Creating textmarks as a low cost option
    171. Confirmed current direction
    172. Clear info with order of priorities, good stats, lots of resources to continue, nice visuals
    173. Build your audience then text to give
    174. Build mobile website presence first and to begin building mobile database list now. These things were not considered in the organization’s conversations about mobile marketing.
    175. Build a mobile website
    176. Best practices for text to give
    177. Being introduced to the latest stats
    178. Become an early adopter of mobile websites and text newsletters
    179. Apps for Droid, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.
    180. All the different resources out there for organizations that want to use mobile technology.
    181. All of it!
    182. Actual sites to visit to utilize (i.e. MOFUSE and Reactee)
    183. A better understanding of Mobile technology and the affordable tools that we can utilize now to get started. 1) finding out how to make our blog mobile friendly 2) information about costs for the different applications 3) where to find mobile statistics

  4. nonprofitorgs permalink
    November 27, 2010 6:25 am

    An archive of feedback from webinars:

  5. June 27, 2011 7:07 am

    Recently attended your webinar- Grrreat! Thanks! And would like to attend more, but the times are a little challenging. Do you record them? Is there a way to watch them at my own convenience??

    • nonprofitorgs permalink
      June 27, 2011 10:21 am

      No, sorry. the least expensive tool I have found to record them in a way where they are password protected is $500 a month. I can’t record them an just upload them to the Web, or I am out of business. Hopefully the technology will become more affordable soon. 🙂

    • nonprofitorgs permalink
      June 30, 2011 5:43 am

      No sorry. I don’t record my webinars. It’s too expensive to make them password protected. Thanks.

  6. Sonia James permalink
    June 30, 2011 8:26 am

    Heather, if you can secure files on your website, there may be a way to record your webinars much cheaper than $500 — at least for the software. Let’s chat via private message.


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