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Social Media Webinars Now Offered to Accommodate Charities in Europe

December 6, 2009

DIOSA Communications has been offering social media webinars for nonprofits since February 2008, but the content of the webinars and the time schedule mostly accommodate nonprofits in the United States. Approximately 30 charities in the U.K., Western and Eastern Europe, New Zealand and the Middle East have attended past webinars, but the timing is not convenient since the webinars take place on Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm GMT.

Beginning in February 2010, DIOSA Communications will also offer social media webinars for charities in Europe on Thursdays at 2pm GMT. The webinars are also well-suited for nonprofits in Eastern Canada. 80% of the content is the same as other DIOSA webinars, but these webinars will be tailored to also cover social media fundraising tools that are available to charities outside the United States. The first two webinar dates and topics are:

February 4: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Use Twitter and Flickr
February 11: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Use Facebook Pages and YouTube

Each webinar is 2 hours and costs $60US each, or $100US if you register for both at the same time. The webinars listed above will be repeated every 3-4 months, and if attendance is good, then additional webinars will be offered to cover blogging on WordPress and mobile technology. Attendees do not need to make an international call for the audio portion, only a long distance call within your own country. If you have VOIP, you can listen to the presentation via the speakers on your computer.

Please Note: The webinars will be in English and they will not be recorded. DIOSA Communications never records webinars since trends in social media change so frequently, but attendees are provided a very comprehensive set of notes within 24 hours of the webinar presentation.


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