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The 12 Nonprofit Tech TwtPolls of 2012

December 31, 2012

12pollsEvery month Nonprofit Tech 2.0 creates and tweets (three times only) a TwtPoll related to nonprofit tech. Hardly thorough as a research method, the TwtPolls do however present some basic information about what trends were popular in 2012 and clues as to which #NPTech trends should be prioritized in 2013. Pay particular attention to TwtPolls with high numbers of views as they indicate a high interest level in the subject.

That said, the actual voting numbers are low likely due to a fear that voting will result in spam tweet exclaiming you voted. Worry not. That doesn’t happen. So, as I continue to post “TwtPolls of the Month” throughout 2013, your participation in future polls is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

December 2012 [1,295 Views]
Have you viewed your nonprofits website on a tablet or smartphone? I will continue to post TwtPolls of the Month throughout 2013.


November 2012 [1,734 Views] :: Which social media tool do you think has the most potential for nonprofits in 2013?.


October 2012 [775 Views] :: How many visitors does your nonprofit’s blog receive on a monthly basis?


September 2012 [445 Views] :: Has your nonprofit attended a social media or mobile technology training webinar?


August 2012 [756 Views] :: Are you experiencing social media burnout?


July 2012 [829 Views] :: True or False? There’s a lot of bad social media marketing out there.


June 2012 [618 Views] :: Has your nonprofit noticed a drop in engagement on your Facebook Page recently?


May 2012 [1,583 Views] :: How often do you donate in response to print fundraising appeals that you receive in the mail?


April 2012 [1,004 Views] :: Have you downloaded an e-book?


March 2012 [2,319 Views] :: Does your nonprofit have social media icons wsith links to your social media communities on your website’s homepage?


February 2012 [3,227 Views] :: Does your nonprofit have a mobile website?


January 2012 [2,403 Views] :: Does your nonprofit have a Google+ Page?


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  1. December 31, 2012 6:16 pm

    I love the poll about burnout, about continuing education, and downloading learning materials. It shows, in my opinion, that nonprofit executives are still confused about how to use social media to benefit the organization, and the ones that do use it are probably frustrated about the results. Keep learning… Upward and onward!

  2. January 2, 2013 11:55 am

    I follow you just about everywhere, but I saw very few of those polls come across my feed (I only remember seeing January and February’s polls). That could be another reason for lower response rates as the year went on.


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