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ATTN Nonprofits: Instagram Has Launched New Profiles for Desktop

November 11, 2012

Mashable wrote up thorough post on Instagram’s new profile pages for Desktop last week, but I wanted to emphasize four points useful for nonprofits:

1) The photos in banner across the top of the new profiles are automatically generated from the photos you have uploaded using Instagram’s mobile apps.

2) Under “Edit Profile” in both the mobile apps and on desktop, you can select a username that becomes your Instagram URL, such as: Be sure to update your print materials, e-signatures, websites, and blogs, if applicable.

3) The tool set of the desktop version of Instagram is limited, likely on purpose. Instagram’s priority is to be a mobile social network. Thus, you can not upload an avatar or photos on the desktop version, or browse who’s following you or who you are following.

4) Just a FYI :: The new design is only visible in desktop and tablet browsers, not on smartphone browsers or in the mobile apps.

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