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11 Nonprofits Pioneering the Windows Phone

September 24, 2012

When nonprofits launch or consider launching a smartphone app, an iPhone app is usually their first choice with an Android app a distant second. Launching a third version of a smartphone app is extremely rare, but with the release of Windows 8 Pro on October 26 for desktop and tablets compatible with the design and functionality of the Windows Phone, nonprofits could very soon be adding a third option to their suite of smartphone apps. That said, the 11 nonprofits listed below are pioneering the Windows Phone which places them in a steller position to reep the benefits of early adoption:

1. World Wildlife Fund Species Album App

2. United Nations News App


4. UNFPA 7 Billion Actions App

5. Oxfam App

6. National Zoo App

7. National Geographic Society App

8. Michael J. Fox Foundation App

9. Livestrong App

10. Kiva App

11. Greenpeace App

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