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Announcing… Social Media Webinars for Nonprofits in New Zealand, Australia, and East Asia

June 15, 2011

Lately I have been receiving a lot of requests from nonprofits in New Zealand, Australia, and East Asia for recorded versions of my social media webinars. However, I don’t record my webinars and the current schedule is not compatible with nonprofits located in New Zealand, Australia, and East Asia since most nonprofit staff are still sleeping (and dreaming) when they are being presented live to nonprofits in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Western Europe. So, this August and September I will be presenting three webinars customized for nonprofits in New Zealand, Australia, and East Asia:

August 11: How Nonprofits Can Successfully Use Facebook and Facebook Apps (2 Hours)
August 25: How Nonprofits Can Successfully Use Twitter and LinkedIn (2 Hours)
September 8: How Nonprofits Can Successfully Use YouTube and Flickr (1.5 Hours)

The cost is $50US for one webinar, or $95US for two webinars, or all three for $140US for individuals, or $119US per webinar for group viewing (presented to multiple individuals in one location). This is likely a one-time webinar series. However, if I was to do it again, it would not be until April 2012.

To register, simply email me at Please indicate the webinars you’d like to attend and send me the name, title, organization name, and email address of each attendee. You will then be sent a PayPal invoice that can be paid with credit card. You do not need a PayPal account to pay the invoice.

Nonprofits in Australia and New Zealand are provided phone numbers for the audio portion of the webinars (not toll free, but you can also listen over your computer speakers for free). All other countries must listen over their computer speakers (free also). It’s worth noting that the webinars are presented in English and come with a comprehensive set of notes that are sent out within 24 hours of the end of each webinar. Also, for your reference, here’s a list of webinar times by city:

Honolulu: Wednesday, August 10 at 2pm
Apia: Wednesday, August 10 at 1pm
Auckland: Thursday, August 11 at 12pm
Kolonia: Thursday, August 11 at 11am
Sydney/Melbourne: Thursday, August 11 at 10am
Tokyo/Seoul: Thursday, August 11 at 9am
Manilla/Hong Kong/Shanghai: Thursday, August 11 at 8am
Jakarta: Thursday, August 11 at 7am

That said, nonprofits in the United States, Canada,  and Latin America are also welcome to join the webinars. Just note that the webinars begin at 8pm EDT (New York), 5pm PDT (Los Angeles) on Wednesday. Finally, if you are wondering why these webinars are $50 compared to my regularly scheduled webinars which are $40, consider this advance notice that all my webinars are going up to $50 to August 1 – my first rate increase in three years. 🙂

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